Wednesday, November 11, 2009

TRUE LIFE: I fail at life.

So today, I was totally going to finish my application for St. John Fisher's college.
Yeah, totally.
Until I chickened out on the essay, procrastinated until today, and then couldn't find the damn thing!!!
I fail miserably. Just ready to "pull a Kurt Cobain," as Tupac coined the term. Or something crude like that about suicide. I forget the exact wording, but it really doesn't matter.
ANYWAYS??! What am I going to do? I had the application fee waivered and everything! Aw, hell. I fail. I really am ready to take the keys, sneak out of the house, take my moms car, and drive at 70 mph off the thruway.
And yes, I am typing my disgust (at myself) instead of searching around my room, scrounging for it.

Wow. I fail so much.

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