Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm Dat Crazy Cat Bitch, Yo.

....................................................................But for real :)

OKAY. So I've been trying to find a cat. I need a therapy cat PRONTO - because i'm going to college in the fall... (WOOT!)
And my disorder (undiagnosed Asperger's) makes me super antisocial. Therefore, despite being the beautiful & ingenious goddess I am, people refuse to speak to me.
I often say horrible things, and ROFL at racist jokes.
But that's because... hey, I don't find them offensive.
I laugh hardest at white jokes, and Jewish jokes, and Arab-American jokes - (because I'm white/Jewish/and even possibly Arab-American.)
But that's because I see the truth behind every stereotype.
I make the sickest cracker jokes though, HA!
Possibly because I hate white people, though I am almost ALL European?

I think it's hilarious (:

But yeah, so I've been trying to find a cat to bond with, stay up late with, express beliefs with, and practice reading with. because i'm horrible at reading out loud, and i think I could read things to my cat. it would help... i know it. Haha.

So, in a nutshell, i need a cat. for the reasons above, yeah.... but i haven't even listed the most important reason yet. Which is : i want to have better social skills.
I know a cat would help me with that (:

But yeah... that's about it. (:

Here's some cats I want:





here ya go...

That's my profile on full of my likes/dislikes.


Ode to the Consumer.

You consumed the whole of it all,
Filled the hole in it all,
with more vacancy than ever before.

You made me worry,
more than I should worry,
You made me angry,
But that won't happen anymore..

I don't want to be old.

I want to live more life than a 100 year old prophet,
and I want to make more money than a 100 year old whitey.

I want to survive through this, with more courage than a soldier,
but it's no matter
how long I survive,
for I have no say
in that matter.

ruffian in chase of the american dream..

sometimes i lie,
sometimes i love.

sometimes i fuck
people over,

... for pride.

Sometimes I shatter
everything that once mattered,

And sometimes I don't even care.