Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm Dat Crazy Cat Bitch, Yo.

....................................................................But for real :)

OKAY. So I've been trying to find a cat. I need a therapy cat PRONTO - because i'm going to college in the fall... (WOOT!)
And my disorder (undiagnosed Asperger's) makes me super antisocial. Therefore, despite being the beautiful & ingenious goddess I am, people refuse to speak to me.
I often say horrible things, and ROFL at racist jokes.
But that's because... hey, I don't find them offensive.
I laugh hardest at white jokes, and Jewish jokes, and Arab-American jokes - (because I'm white/Jewish/and even possibly Arab-American.)
But that's because I see the truth behind every stereotype.
I make the sickest cracker jokes though, HA!
Possibly because I hate white people, though I am almost ALL European?

I think it's hilarious (:

But yeah, so I've been trying to find a cat to bond with, stay up late with, express beliefs with, and practice reading with. because i'm horrible at reading out loud, and i think I could read things to my cat. it would help... i know it. Haha.

So, in a nutshell, i need a cat. for the reasons above, yeah.... but i haven't even listed the most important reason yet. Which is : i want to have better social skills.
I know a cat would help me with that (:

But yeah... that's about it. (:

Here's some cats I want:





here ya go...

That's my profile on full of my likes/dislikes.


Ode to the Consumer.

You consumed the whole of it all,
Filled the hole in it all,
with more vacancy than ever before.

You made me worry,
more than I should worry,
You made me angry,
But that won't happen anymore..

I don't want to be old.

I want to live more life than a 100 year old prophet,
and I want to make more money than a 100 year old whitey.

I want to survive through this, with more courage than a soldier,
but it's no matter
how long I survive,
for I have no say
in that matter.

ruffian in chase of the american dream..

sometimes i lie,
sometimes i love.

sometimes i fuck
people over,

... for pride.

Sometimes I shatter
everything that once mattered,

And sometimes I don't even care.

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Kristen Stewart... a whore.

I hope Joan Jett turns her lez... So then Stewart might be less of a boring person. She THEN just might have something entertaining to do in movies.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Can't You Smell That Teen Spirit?!

I find that my generation... is fucked. Royally. If you think that getting a tattoo makes you different, you're wrong. If you think acting offish and indie makes you cool, you're insane. I believe people need to think with some God-given common sense right about now.

And for God's sake, stop dying your hair ridiculous colors!

I know. I probably sound like your mother right now. But I'm serious, you must quit that. And the drugs don't do anything for your complexion, honey. And the sex sure isn't doing much for your reputation. Nothing that you are currently doing can help. I think you need a change of pace.

Let's slow down.

I think the reason why people act the way they do is to feel better about themselves. If you feel like you're like everyone else, you'll probably try to rebel like the rest of them. If you feel left out, you'll conform. It's sad. I'd rather be naturally odd than artificially odd. I mean, nobody likes anything artificial anymore. Artificial sweetners, artificial flavors, artificial actresses... they're so 60's. Andy Warhol made fake cool, not you.

And as for the indie kids... they're fake fucks. I appreciate an oddball with fun music taste. But for Pete's sake, stop taking yourself so seriously.

I am a joke. I know this. And I relish in it, because you're the punchline.

And if you've got a problem with it, like I said, STOP TAKING YOURSELF SO GADDANG SERIOUSLY!

Now you may be wondering, "Why is she on this tirade?"

My answer? Because I'm sick of the indie/emo/trendfucks that I go to school with. It's not cool to get piercings. It's not cool to smoke weed. Weed is a drug, if you have a problem with that, take that up with the government, not me. I'm just a everyday person who votes Republican. Nothing much I can do - But I can sure as hell vote for the illegal shit to STAY ILLEGAL!

Oh, and I love when people say they hate the government. And I love when people say "THEN MOVE AWAY!"

Because you know how I respond?

When I talk to these "rebels," I just respond as, "Imagine an idealist who ruled the country."

If they don't respond, or respond with their favorite president... They're officially decreed as 100% Ignorant without a question.

Now you know who the most famous Idealist was? Who ran for passion instead of money?


Think about it, and suck it up.
You're lucky you live in America, BITCH.
So stop hatin' on the Red-White-and-Blue ;)