Thursday, November 12, 2009

Today is the greatest day I've ever known.{top 5}

So here's a list of the top 5 things that made me laugh vindictively today:

1. Watching my pug, Snickers, try impatiently to get at my bowl of cereal.
2. Logging onto facebook, to be invited to an event that I will not attend. HAH! I laugh in thy face of ye hopefuls.
3. Calling my pug a sausage. (I am discriminatory against overweight pugs.) But it makes me so happy to call a dog a name. I also kick dead horses & people in already on the ground in my sparetime.
4. Looking at the place where my pug peed last night. It's funny that he's just so dumb. I swear, this dog brings so much joy into my life.
5. And this one takes the cake : my dog hiding behind my computer desk as I'm typing this, because my mother is trying to put him in my crate.

Wow, so much mean laughter! :)
And it's only 8:11 AM! So there's much more to come!

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