Friday, November 13, 2009

The 365 Days Of Christmas.

Whether you like it or not, Christmas is year-round. And whether you're Christian or not, Christmas is here to stay in our "free country."

But the "free country" part is offtopic; all I wanted to say was that I am the typical American. I want a lot, but I scarcely need anything. Life is luxurious, and I'm just someone who basks on that poolside of national superiority.

And the topic in my crosshairs is simple: My X-Mas Wishlist.

I think I just want some tattoos or a haircut. Or some japanese exported plushies.

I'm simple. Art and fun.

That's MY life, C'est la vie.

But maybe I want a digital camera? Maybe I would want something else? A new cell phone?

Ah, screw it; I'm doing fine with what I have--- and whenever my birthday (December 4th) or Christmas comes rolling around the corner, I'll just ask Santa for whatever I want at the moment.

Live life, it's whatever.

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